Ill – Interlibrary loans

As a member of the public library services of Manitoba we have access to all their libraries throughout Manitoba for our clients as well as throughout Canada. In 2011, we were able to fill 531 requests from our clients to other libraries. Bibliothèque Ritchot Library filled 85 requests from other libraries throughout the year.

eLibraries Manitoba

E-reader, MP3, Kobo etc. You have certainly heard of these electronic devices. At the library you can register and download books you wish to read. Many of our clients have taken advantage of this service.

  • eLibrairies Manitoba
  • click - My eAccount
  • chose Bibliothèque Ritchot Library
  • enter your 9digit number (assigned by the library) – Log in

You should now be at the place where you can browse and borrow ebooks. Remember that this is a lending service, therefore as in a library, only a certain number of copies are available and can be checked out. If the book has already been loaned out, you may have to wait for it to become available again before you can borrow it. Also there is a return date for the ebook. Seeing as you cannot return the book physically, on the day you are to return it, it disappears from your electronic device. No late charges! What a great idea when you are on vacation!

Large print books

PLS (Public Library Services of Manitoba) offers the library a variety of large print books which are exchanged 3 times a year.

FBMB (Fédération des bibliothèques de municipalités bilingues)

The Bibliothèque Ritchot Library is a member of the FBMB and so in collaboration with this organization, there is an exchange of French resources such as video cassettes, DVDs and CDs every 4 months. These resources are offered the clients of the library.

Internet service

We have:

IDC - 5 computers and 1 lap-top
St-Adolphe - 2 computers
Ste-Agathe - 8 computers and 1 lap-top

All available for your use.